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Food Supply for Two Weeks (Rice, Beans, etc.)

Your gift will help provide nourishment and strength for a refugee family.

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In many places in the world today, direct evangelism to individuals and families, is restricted. But, in partnership with groups like GAiN and Global Hope Network International, access through caring can lead to sharing the gospel on film. Refugees, people fleeing civil war have so little. They may live in a garage, or under a bridge, in the cold of winter or the heat of summer, hungry and without hope. But once they experience love, in the form of humanitarian aid, their heart opens. They become willing and often eager to watch “JESUS” and learn about the Christians’ Lord who has sent the aid.

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Your gift through the Jesus Film Gift Catalog is much appreciated. When you place your order, please request your complimentary copy of "The Power of JESUS," a compilation of wonderful stories, prayer requests and insights from difficult places about how God is breaking through barriers, bringing hope and peace, especially through "JESUS." To receive your copy, click here to send us a request by email. Please be sure to include your full name and mailing address.

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